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Plan services for the following : 

  • New building or renovation;

  • Adding a floor or extending a garage;

  • Exterior landscaping and/or layout, deck, garden shed;

  • 3D visualization;

  • Project estimates;

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling (Designer available)

  • Exterior siding design;

  • Layout drawings;

  • Prefabricated hunting cabin, delivery available.

Planning services for : 

  • Layout of municipal parks;

  • Schoolyard landscaping (exterior classrooms) and daycare services;

  • Construction and/or renovation of less than 3229 square feet for Quebec and 6458 square feet for New Brunswick;

  • 3D visualization.

  • Project estimates;

  • Garage plans;

  • Yard remodeling (exterior classrooms)

Plan services for the following: 

  • Projects up to 10,000 square feet;

  • 3D visualization at VERY competitive prices;

  • Shed plans;

  • Machinery shed plans;

  • Layout drawings;

  • Sugar shack plans.

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